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Luxurious Hair Days with Blowout Memberships at Salon Eighty8

Is there anything better than stepping out of a salon with perfectly styled hair? At Salon Eighty8 in Chicago, we believe that everyone deserves to feel that fresh-salon-hair euphoria as often as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our exclusive Blowout Memberships, designed to keep your locks looking luscious without the hassle. With several tiers to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and beauty needs.

Explore Our Blowout Membership Plans

1. Blowout Membership: $200

Perfect for those who love to keep their hair looking fresh and styled regularly, this membership includes:

  • 4 Blowouts a Month: Maintain your perfect look throughout the month.

  • 1 Infrared Treatment: A deep-heating treatment that enhances hair health and shine.

  • 10% Off Additional Blowouts: Save on any extra blowouts you might need beyond the four included.

2. VIP Blowout Membership: $350

Designed for those who enjoy a bit of extra pampering and premium services along with their blowouts:

  • 6 Blowout Appointments Per Month: Perfect for those who want frequent refreshes.

  • 2 Treatments of Your Choice: Tailor your membership to your hair’s needs.

  • 10% Off All Retail Products: Extend your salon experience at home with top-quality products.

3. Elite Blowout Membership: $500

Our most luxurious plan, offering the ultimate in flexibility and pampering:

  • 8 Blowout Appointments Per Month: Ideal for the ultimate hair enthusiast.

  • 10% Discount on Additional Salon Services: Enhance your look with even more of our services at a reduced rate.

  • 10% Discount on Retail Products: Keep your hair game strong with our premium products.

  • 2 Complimentary Treatments and 1 Premium Treatment: Indulge in the best we have to offer for your hair’s health and beauty.

  • Can be Transferred to Friends and Family: Share the love and luxury with others!

Why Join a Blowout Membership at Salon Eighty8?

Joining a blowout membership at Salon Eighty8 is more than just signing up for hair services; it’s choosing to invest in your self-care regularly. Benefits include:

  • Consistent Beauty: Your hair will always look its best, boosting your confidence and ensuring you’re ready for anything.

  • Savings: With included services and discounts, you’ll save money as you maintain your hair’s health and style.

  • Flexibility: Especially with our Elite membership, the ability to share services with friends and family means that your investment goes even further.

Book Your Membership Today

Ready to make every day a good hair day? Join one of Salon Eighty8’s exclusive blowout memberships and enjoy the beauty and benefits of regular professional styling. Stop by Salon Eighty8 in Chicago, call us, or visit our website to sign up today and start experiencing the joy and convenience of frequent blowouts.


At Salon Eighty8, we’re dedicated to providing you with not only the services you need but the luxurious experiences you crave. With our tailored blowout memberships, we promise you’ll enjoy every visit and walk out feeling more fabulous than ever. Join us and transform your hair care routine into a ritual of beauty and relaxation. Let your hair shine as brightly as your personality with a little help from Salon Eighty8!

For more information or to register for a membership, please visit our website or contact us directly at 312-522-1024 . We look forward to welcoming you to our community of beauty enthusiasts!

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